Fuel in The Tank Reduces Unnecessary Costly Repairs

Experts recommend drivers living or traveling in regions where all four seasons are experienced - take precautions to ensure the gas tank is half full during the coldest months during the calendar year. This provides protection if unforeseen events leave you stranded, or help ensure car mechanics function adequately.

Adverse weather conditions such as black ice, lake effect snow, partially cleared roads and traffic congestion may halter estimated time of arrival to a given appointment. A fuel tank that is half full will help provide warmth as you wait through the congestion. Gasoline contains a small degree of ethanol, which acts like antifreeze. Gasoline aids in keeping the fuel lines from freezing serves as a coolant for the motor of the fuel pump and keeps dirt from the fuel filter. This addresses the onset of problems with the vehicle starting when desired. Maintaining fuel levels during winter months at over one-half keeps parts clean, functional and virtually eliminate costly repairs from doing otherwise.

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