How Important is a Routine Tire Rotation?

Getting all the tires on your vehicle rotated will have far-reaching benefits you might not even be aware of today. One thing are for sure; you won't be spending those dollars on new tires if you focus on getting the tires rotated often; especially with these tips from our staff at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Eugene in mind:

  • Getting the tires on your vehicle rotated helps to reduce uneven tire wear that occurs because the front tires are wearing faster due to the steering of the car.
  • If the tires are often rotated, the risk of vibration significantly drops, and that will make it safer for you to operate the vehicle instead of it pulling to the side all the time.
  • Rotating the tires will reduce the chance of the tires making noise from uneven wearing too.

At our Eugene, OR service center, we can have our team do a tire rotation in less time than it would take to get the oil changed in your vehicle. Stop in and experience the quality of our service team at 2121 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd today!

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