Help Your Tires Last Longer With an Alignment

It's easy to knock your wheels out of alignment as you navigate the Eugene, OR landscape. If you hit a speed bump just the wrong way or find a curb by accident with your wheel, your tires may go out of alignment. This can cause problems while you are driving down the road, and it's time to head to Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Eugene to get your car properly aligned.

If you are driving down the road and your vehicle pulls to one side or another, your tires aren't aligned. When the steering wheel vibrates as you drive, you probably have an issue with tire alignment. Check your tires to see if they are evenly worn. If your tires are more worn on one side vs. the other, your car is likely out of alignment. This is an easy problem to fix, but you have to take your car in to an auto service station to make sure your alignment isn't hurting your tires or vehicle.

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