What's the Word on the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee's Capability Features?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been the leading SUV for adventurers and hikers for many years now. In an effort to deliver for their most passionate fans, Jeep has gone out of their way to service these groups directly with their latest iteration. The 2018 Grand Cherokee includes a remarkable bevy of capability features—here are some of our favorites.

First off, the 2018 Grand Cherokee is a Trail Rated 4x4, which means it is prepared to handle all kinds of tumultuous weather conditions. For those who don't like to be limited on where and when they go, the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be uniquely appealing.

The above certification also means that the vehicle is perfectly suited for more power-intensive activities like rock-crawling and water fording. These facts paired with the car's other excellent features, like adjustable suspension and detailed terrain management, create an excellent value overall.

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