Enjoy More with Your Family in the Chrysler Pacifica

Have more fun with the popular family minivan, the Chrysler Pacifica. There are a lot of ways to enjoy time with your family and taking a trip in your minivan can actually be one of them. When you go on a trip in your Pacifica, you get the added peace of mind that comes with features on your vehicle that make your driving safer, and you'll also think that towing your favorite recreational equipment makes the trip pretty special, too.

The Pacifica has electronic stability control that comes standard on the vehicle. This means that if you begin to lose control of the minivan, the vehicle will adjust the throttle and braking so that you stay on the road.

And if you love to bring your recreational equipment with you to the cabin, you'll love the towing capabilities. You can haul up to 3,600 pounds worth of equipment for more to do once you reach your destination.

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